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Erin G. Howard County, Maryland

“I have been getting acupuncture and cupping from Ming for relief from hot flashes for over a year. I am amazed at the results. My flashes have decreased dramatically through these regular treatments. Thank you, Ming!”

May, Howard County, Maryland

“Dr. Xu is very knowledgeable about Traditional Chinese Medicine. She not only treats various illnesses for me and my family, but also shares with us the deep knowledge about the causes of the illnesses, functions of organs and acupuncture points, signs of deficiencies, and how to build holistic health for ourselves. We are deeply grateful for Dr. Xu’s care and expertise”

Erin, Howard County, Maryland

“Since I started my treatment I have been on an emotional high. Each time I come in, I leave feeling more elated, the acupuncture and cupping have been making me feel so much better”

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