Down Through the Years and Still Through the Tears:
Addressing Race-Based, Historical, and Intergenerational Trauma : with Dr. Laverne Collins

Thursday, Oct 19, 2023
1:30 PM to 3:00PM Eastern Time
Via Zoom

Webinar Summary:
The effect of historical and intergenerational trauma goes deep and wide for many minority groups in the United States.

Whether the trauma is recognized openly or tucked deeply into the subconscious, it is often characterized by emotional, physical, and psychological wounds that bleed through generations and across one’s lifespan.

This session explores the differences between historical and intergenerational trauma. We consider the “generations-later” mental health effects of African American slavery, the Jewish Holocaust, and the Native American Indian experience. The session will identify adaptive and mitigating reactions to historical and intergenerational trauma, consider how trauma is maintained in families, explore treatment engagement approaches, and promote an awareness of how trauma affects the brain.

Participants will consider how a legacy of trauma interacts with current socio-cultural-political stressors and affects contemporary mental health.

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